Saturday, 25 June 2011

Dorm Aminah.

Well, skarang I duduk kat asrama STAR.  I masuk dorm Aminah or glamor name, Dorm Amy. Memang pelbagai ragam la terjadi kat dom.. Ni list ahli dom:

Kak Husna- 17 . sporting one
Kak Aqiela-16. quite and pretty one. our leader..
Kak Fatien-15. hyper one.
Kak Afiqah-14.  SUPER LOVER of Super Junior
Kak Fiena-14. Hey! Say Jump is her favorite.
Kak Shaza-14. Caring one.
Kak Aneym-14. Bubbly one.
Kak Azmeera-14. Beauty one.
Kak Farizan-14. Kind 

Aisya- 13. its me, here!!! second maknae..
Farah Farzana-13. the laser queen and my bestie.
Farah Nazierah-13. a.k.a Choi Jira, so-called Siwon's wife. Lol
Alis Ameera-13. 
Nureen Izzaty-13. 
Saidatul Anis-13. Our maknae.

     Our dorm is really happening and fun. Next year, I hope that I can still in Dorm Amy... 

This year, our dorm had won the prettiest and cheerful dorm title. Lol. We never expect it but... yayy!! we won!! lol~