Saturday, 25 June 2011

Girls' Generation


Sekarang ni, Girls' Generation memang Top la kat Korea and Japan. They slowly dominate Asia la katakan.. They are one of the most highest paid girl group in Asia or even world...  They consist of 9 members:
Taeyeon,Tiffany, Jessica,Sooyoung,Sunny,Yuri,YoonA,Seohyun,Hyoyeon...
Now they are hit with their song, Mr. Taxi... Check it out!

Dorm Aminah.

Well, skarang I duduk kat asrama STAR.  I masuk dorm Aminah or glamor name, Dorm Amy. Memang pelbagai ragam la terjadi kat dom.. Ni list ahli dom:

Kak Husna- 17 . sporting one
Kak Aqiela-16. quite and pretty one. our leader..
Kak Fatien-15. hyper one.
Kak Afiqah-14.  SUPER LOVER of Super Junior
Kak Fiena-14. Hey! Say Jump is her favorite.
Kak Shaza-14. Caring one.
Kak Aneym-14. Bubbly one.
Kak Azmeera-14. Beauty one.
Kak Farizan-14. Kind 

Aisya- 13. its me, here!!! second maknae..
Farah Farzana-13. the laser queen and my bestie.
Farah Nazierah-13. a.k.a Choi Jira, so-called Siwon's wife. Lol
Alis Ameera-13. 
Nureen Izzaty-13. 
Saidatul Anis-13. Our maknae.

     Our dorm is really happening and fun. Next year, I hope that I can still in Dorm Amy... 

This year, our dorm had won the prettiest and cheerful dorm title. Lol. We never expect it but... yayy!! we won!! lol~

Friday, 24 June 2011

Malaysia Vs Lubnan. 2-1!!! MENANG

Wow... Memang cool giler! I x sangka yg Malaysia punya Harimau Muda leh kalahan Lubnan yg agak terer tu. Congrats to them! I hope that the winning streak will continuously happen. I feel proud la as Malaysian.  Its hard for Malaysian to win in the Olympic. Hope the athletes do well.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Exam results!!!

Yeah! Home Sweet Home.... Ah~ The mid-term exam is over and I just got the results... Well, it kinda sad that I couldn't get straight 'A' but its okay... 6A2B, number 2 in class. The smartest boy in class, Ong Woon Kai is the number 1. I hope I can do well and better in the next exam~ ^_^

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Oh my Lord. Tomorrow is the day I don't like the most!!! Time to go back to the hostel. That sucks!!! I wanna enjoy my time here at home with my PRECIOUS laptop... and staring at Kyuhyun pics~~~  Lol~~~ I love Kyuhyun and Super Junior!!!  Kyuhyun is not mine but I'm his... kkkkkk.. Don't be mad, ELF!!! We all love K Pop maknae, Kyuhyun.. Games are his passion~ 

Friday, 10 June 2011

MySpace Music Player/Playlist (Flash MP3 Players) and Widgets -

MySpace Music Player/Playlist (Flash MP3 Players) and Widgets -

Thursday, 9 June 2011

I'm a Kpop Addicted Fan gurl~~